Marine World of 

​Hot Springs

I. It does pay where a person gets their help and information on latest methods and equipment for SUCCESS

II. Some of the advantages of doing business with Marine World are the following:

  1. Nasty looking algae prevention and elimination.
  2. Dead coral prevention
  3. Recommending filters with refillable cartridges.
  4. Refillable cartridges that cost only 6-cents each to refill instead of ready-made cartridges that cost $6 each.
    NOTE: Cartridges need to be changed every 4-7 days to prevent pollution.
  5. Recommending Protein Skimmers: And giving correct set-up method with much better efficiency.
  6. Live Rock: Latest set-up instructions to help prevent nasty looking algae and dead corals.
  7. Additives: Exclusive Marine World additives to keep water clean and free of phosphates. Phosphates grow algae and other pollutants.
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SUCCESS with Saltwater (Reef) Aquariums


In the ancient art of feng shui, aquariums were considered to help preserve the natural flow of the room!


Owners of aquariums report greater feelings of peace and tranquility!


You can put an aquarium in any room!